Autodesk Infrastructure Map Server
Facilities Management

Autodesk Infrastructure Map Server

Autodesk® Infrastructure Map Server is a web-based GIS mapping software that helps planning and engineering professionals publish and share CAD, GIS maps, and asset information quickly and cost-effectively on the web. 

More quickly and easily create maps for the web by adapting and configuring sites to better meet your requirements with preconfigured templates and a variety of programming options. Access formats such as widgets, technology mashups and new data through open source developer community. More efficiently share information with stakeholders and enable users to capture and update asset information with web-based dashboards, reports and maps for your mobile workforce, operations, and customer service.

For Facilities Management Professionals
Sometimes, the simplest way to create a facilities system is to integrate your CAD and building information modeling data into an online mapping repository. Autodesk Infrastructure Map Server allows facilities managers the capability to quickly publish CAD, GIS and other map and asset information online. 

Others in your organization will be able to access and visualize enterprise data - including operations, maintenance and human resources using the Autodesk Infrastructure Map Server architecture. Our experienced team of industry professionals can help you create a program that provides a balance of reliable data that's accessible and simple to use for your external department partners.


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