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Today’s business environment is demanding. High levels of employee productivity are the key to meeting customer driven deadlines and driving innovation through the effective use of technology. It’s tough to attain those goals, however, if your organization’s software tools are not being used in an efficient manner.

Technical support is the answer, but handling that function in-house may not be the best solution.

IMAGINiT Autodesk support offerings provide a better alternative:

  • A dedicated support team. Our IMAGINiT Autodesk support professionals have real-world, industry experience. Technical support is all that they do. When we hire, we look for skilled individuals who love the challenge of solving customer problems.
  • Clear visibility into account needs. IMAGINiT’s cloud-based call center is integrated with our customer database. Our technical support team members have complete visibility into accounts and can route inbound calls to the right resource based on industry and product knowledge.
  • Access to IMAGINiT’s ProductivityNOW Portal. This online destination provides a one-stop shop for unlimited educational resources, including IMAGINiT’s entire library of white papers, tips and tricks videos and webcasts. Members can start and respond to conversations in the online discussion forums. Clients with an IMAGINiT Autodsek support contract, eLearning contract, or who subscribe to Autodesk with IMAGINiT can also can access the online support center to log, create, and track support cases. 
  • Flexible support offerings. IMAGINiT Autodesk support tailors a wide variety of support offerings to fit each client’s unique needs. Our friendly, expert help is always here when you need it. IMAGINiT Autodesk support options ensure that you get the answers you need to keep projects moving forward.

With IMAGINIT's portfolio of quality and flexible support offerings, you are sure to find the solution to boost your employees productivity now.

ProductivityNOW Support Options:

To learn more or determine which option best suits your needs, contact IMAGINiT directly.

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