ProductivityNOW Flextime Support

ProductivityNOW Flextime Support offers blocks of support hours that can be used for phone, email, and online web-based support. It offers a cost-effective way to provide expert help to a select group of employees or your entire employee population.

Benefits of ProductivityNOW Flextime Support:

  • Live access to experts. Employees have live, toll-free access to experts and remote desktop support, as well as live chat and secure file review.
  • 24/7 access to IMAGINiT’s ProductivityNOW Portal.  ProductivityNOW Flextime Support customers can also use the online ProductivityNOW Portal to submit and monitor the status of cases, look up detailed case reports, and search the KnowledgeBase for solutions that will keep projects moving.
  • Unlimited educational resources. The portal also offers access to IMAGINiT’s entire library of white papers, videos, tips and tricks, and webcasts. Employees can start and respond to conversations in the online discussion forums, as well as share product insight with their peers.

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